2901 Grand Avenue
Butte, Montana 59701

Lobby Hours

9:00am – 4:00pm (Mon-Fri)

Phone Number

(406) 723-8284 

No Hassle Checking Account

Benefits of "No Hassle Checking Accounts"

Free Traveler Cards. (with a maintained balance of $200.00)

Free Money Orders. (with a maintained balance of $200.00)

“Virtual Branch Next” – Access your account 24 Hours, 7 Days a week. Transfer funds, view accounts, and balance your statement all from your home or office computer. 

Checks & Drafts

Micro-filmed copies of drafts: $1.00 per copy per check

Draft order costs will very depending on type of check, style and number of checks ordered.

Stop payment of draft: Single item: $20.00 per check

Check Costs & Kits

Duplicate Check copies are available for your convenience. Or, if you wish you may select only checks without using duplicates. However, we caution you to make sure you enter each check written into your register as you write the check.

Counter checks are available at a cost of $2.00 a sheet (4 checks).

Starter Kits (include 8 checks and 4 deposit slips) are $3.00.

Members depositing personal checks written on other financial institutions may be governed by our check-hold policy:
Availability Funds Notice is available at the credit union


Overdraft Fees

Overdrafts will cost the member $30.00 for each draft that clears the system to cause an Overdraft.

Overdrafts must be covered within 24 hours from the date the overdraft occurs or drafts will be returned; costing the member $25.00 for each draft returned.

Direct Deposits

Direct Deposit is available for those members wishing to participate. Your direct deposit may be divided into loan payments or other savings accounts as you direct the Credit Union Staff to do.


Telephone transferring is available upon proper identification. You may be required to relay your Social Security Number to the staff for your protection.

Automatic Loan Payment Transfers are done each month for those members wishing to have their loan payment transferred from their share draft account.

Overdraft Protection Transfers

The credit union will only transfer funds for overdraft protection if you have requested this protection in writing to the credit union. If the credit union does not have a written request, the staff will not transfer any monies for overdraft protection. If you do not have enough monies to cover the overdraft the account will be charged the $30.00 overdraft charge per check & the checks could be subject to return within 24 hours. At least a minimum of $50.00 multiples or if there is enough in account will be transferred from an existing savings account to provide overdraft transfer protection. Immediately upon transfer of share from a pre authorized share account to a share draft account, a notice of transfer will be sent to you.

Overdraft Protection Loans

Overdraft Protection Loans are available upon approval. A Line of Credit is established up to $500.00. A Loan Application will be needed to establish the Line of Credit. Ask staff for details and current loan interest rates.