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Range of Savings Account Options

Basic Share Savings Account

This account currently pays monthly dividends on the average daily balance.

With a Joint Owner

You may have a joint owner on your savings account who is eligible to withdraw money from your account without your signature. In the event of a member’s death, the joint owner would be able to withdraw the money out of the account without it going into the member’s estate. 

Without a Joint Owner

Without a joint owner, the funds would automatically be placed into the member’s estate, or paid to a pay-on-death beneficiary, as designated by the member at the time the account is opened. We highly recommend that you have a joint owner on your account.

Revocable Trust Account

Often a member will want shares to go to a particular beneficiary when they die, but wants full ownership and control of the funds during their lifetime. This is the purpose of the Revocable Trust Account.

What it allows…

It allows the member to make deposits, withdrawal, use funds for any purpose during his/her lifetime, and to pass on the funds without probate when he/she dies.

What it doesn’t allow…

The beneficiary has no rights or access to the funds during the members lifetime. The revocable trust may be set up individually in your name only with beneficiaries listed, or jointly with your joint owner with beneficiaries listed.

Insurance Expense Savings Account

This account is normally used by the member to isolate those moneys which are used to pay his/her future insurance premiums. Monthly dividends are paid on this account.

Christmas Club

Members may start their Christmas Club anytime after the first week of November. 


There is no required amount of deposit nor any set time during the month that you are required to make deposits. Funds are required to be kept on deposit throughout the year until disbursed by the credit union.

How often does this pay out?

Christmas Club Checks are normally sent out on the 1st business day of November of each year. Any withdrawal by the member will automatically close the Christmas Club Account until the next November. Annual dividends are paid on this account.

Miscellaneous/Vacation Savings Account

This account may be used for any purpose the member wishes. 

Why create a Miscellaneous Savings Account?

Some reasons for this savings account include vacations, future car repairs, medical expenses, tuition fees, license plate fees and many other good reasons to save periodically rather than trying to find money on a short notice for such expenses one may not foresee. 

Plan for the future so those unforeseen expenses do not jump into your budget and surprise you. Monthly dividends are paid on this account.

Escrow Account

This account is used solely for the purpose of saving for future property taxes. Deposits are made regularly in an amount agreed upon by the member and the Credit Union so that at tax time there are enough funds to cover the tax bill. 

Why use a Escrow savings account?

The Courthouse sends the tax bill to the Credit Union and the Credit Union in turn sends them a check for your taxes, drawn on your Escrow Account. A benefit of this Escrow Account is knowing your taxes are paid on time. Monthly dividends are paid on this account.

Coverdell Educational Savings Account

Formerly known as the Education IRA but was renamed in July 2001. The ESA is not for retirement. 

Why create a Coverdell Educational Savings Account?

The sole purpose is to pay child’s education costs. Public, private or parochial elementary, secondary, or post-secondary expenses. Earnings are tax-free if used for a qualified education expense and contributions are not tax deductible.

Who can I use the savings money for?

It is also flexible where you can move from family member to family member. Monthly dividends are paid on this account.

IRA Savings Account

The credit union offers Traditional (I) IRA’s and Roth (N) IRA’s. This account is reviewed throughout the year by the Board of Directors to make sure our Credit Union is paying a competitive rate compared to other financial institutions in the area. Currently monthly dividends are paid on this account.

How do I pay into this account?

 You may make deposits into this account through a simple payroll deduction or bring it into the Credit Union anytime during the year in small amounts. It is set up for your preference. See the Credit Union today for details.